Sanktifaied is a contrasting interpretation of religious identity, explored through sacred tradition, the elegant preservation of Breton women tradition and controversial youthful expression of the generation that grew up and around London housing estates.

The hyped and energetic sound of grime and the youth, act as the voice of a generation locked into decaying housing estates hidden amongst concrete blocks of London. 

The well-preserved culture of Brittany, hold a story that can only be written and told by the Coiffe wearing women of Breton. Unlocking the language of their lace covered traditional costumes.

The merge of the sacred tradition and the fight of the young generation spark the start of the Sanctified collection.

Fine hand embroidery has been reinterpreted through the cultures hands signs and merges with mass-produced sportswear. Adapting street-wear to identify with class and occasion. The collection is worn with rules adopted and created by a generation blossoming in concrete jungles.

Influences of Coiffe style layering and shaping are seen throughout the collection. Drawstring gathers and drapes the midnight black elder sweatshirt at the neckline. Cocooned with campaign crochet detailing meeting the gritty knit of the oversized ribbed cuff on a comfortable oversized sleeve. 

This collection feels royal, elegant, innocent but slightly militant and haphazard.

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